Revista Agro Sur: Avances y Desafíos para su Consolidación

José Dörner, Felipe Zúñiga, Dorota Dec, Ricardo Fuentes, Juan Pablo Keim, Kong Shun Ah-hen, Juan Lerdon




In 2014, when we took over Agro Sur as the new editorial team, we set ourselves the objective of renewing the journal in order to give it a new impulse that would reposition and project it as an important journal in its field (Dörner et al., 2014). To achieve this ultimate goal, different actions have been carried out such as: i) update of the Instructions for Authors, ii) development of a WEB page), iii) implementation of the editorial management platform “Open Journal Systems” (OJS), iv) expansion and internationalisation of the Editorial Committee, v) aesthetic update of the layout of the articles, and vi) being an active member of the Network of Research Journals (RRI-UACh). So far, one of the most relevant steps taken has been putting together four “Special Issues” (2015–2018, one per year), which made it possible to move forward in the international positioning of Agro Sur, as evidenced in the Scopus cites report: 65 journal citations between 1986–2019, with 25% of them being recorded between 2014–2019. We hope that this major progress will improve our indexing in the short term. All of the above has been possible thanks to the authors who have trusted Agro Sur and its editorial management, as well as the anonymous referees who have contributed to capturing the quality seal of the articles we aim to publish.
Our challenge for 2019 is to get indexed by the Scopus database. To do this, along with the update of the Instructions for Authors, we have defined a clear editorial policy that has the support of the Faculty of Agricultural Sciences. The updated Instructions for Authors include some new elements: i) presentation of books, ii) new editorial lines (pastures and forages, sustainable agriculture, and water resources), iii) synthesis of the arbitration procedure and publication of articles, iv) choice of including a graphical abstract and research highlights, among others.
Also, our WEB site ( is being constantly updated in order to keep our readers informed about the latest articles published by Agro Sur. At the same time, our Newsletter provides information on the latest developments of the journal, while broadening the universe of our readers and authors. Finally, we would like to highlight the new Special Issue of Agro Sur “Sustainable Management of Volcanic Ash Soils”, which is developed as part of a CONICYT REDES project entitled “An International Network for Studying the Physical Properties of Volcanic Ash Soils”, as a contribution of the Volcanic Soils Research Center (CISVo). The Special Issue gathers guest Editors from 13 countries and we hope it will contribute to achieving the quality that Agro Sur needs to become a national and international reference in the field of Silvoagricultural and Food Sciences.