Aplicación de Campos magnéticos (CM) y su relación con la recuperación de la viabilidad y vigor en semillas envejecidas de Lactuca sativa L.

Acuña, R., Naguelquin, F., García, F., Torres, J.


Original Research Article
Crop Science



Seed conditioning is a practice used to enhance the viability and vigor of the seeds in crops. The invigorating classical methodologies are environmentally questioned and complex, therefore their use has been abandoned with the consequent loss of their benefit. In order to evaluate a novel and environmentally sustainable technique, the effects of the application of uniform Magnetic Fields (CM) were studied on the viability and vigor of lettuce seeds previously aged rapidly (24, 48 and 72 h, 100% RH, 35°C), in doses of 0, 6.4 and 25.5 kJ m-3 s. Germination and its quality parameters were studied in four replicates (Test t, p < 0.05). Maximum germination (Gmax,%), Germination Mean Time (TMG, h) and Vigor I (VI), among others, were evaluated. The variables and their sublevels were compared using the t test for Gmax and TMG. For VI, the variables aging and magnetic induction were analysed through ANOVA (p < 0.05). The parameters evaluated and the interactions between them were mostly significant, showing the effectiveness of the CMs on the quality variables. TMG was one of the variables that showed one of the most marked responses, with 13.5% less germination time respect to the control. In general, the seeds treated with CM were positively and significantly affected in all their quality parameters, which showed that magnetic induction can be used to reverse seminal deterioration processes.