El liderazgo de las mujeres y los jóvenes rurales de la región Andina de Colombia

Vélez, J., Burbano, H., Navia, J., Gómez, E.


Original Research Article, Special Issue: Agroecology and Sustainable Agricultural Systems


The strengthening of local organizations is recognised as one of the key objectives for promoting sustainable rural development. However, in order to achieve this, it is necessary to visualise the leadership of women and young rural people, a fact that is not valued. This research was carried out in the municipality of Alban, Nariño, Colombia, where 67 people were sampled using semistructured surveys. The information was processed using frequency distribution tables and multiple correspondence analyses. The women and young people of the Agricultural Association of Producers of Panela de Alban (APROPAL) showed a vision of empowerment and cultural perspective of the Organization, based on their qualities of production and reproductive life; promoting the conservation desire of nature within the association. There was also a strengthening of the leadership of women and the rural youth of the Organization which is key for improving the associative management in the agro-productive sector, and it constitutes a complementary aspect by strengthening the business sector of the Region. Finally, the participation of women and young people who are part of APROPAL is set up as an important and solid actor in local rural life, opening new ways of social participation and public influence by channeling diverse potentialities and interests.