Uso de soluciones azucaradas-ácidas de fácil formulación en pos cosecha de delfinio (Delphinium spp.)

Verdugo-Ramírez, G., Vidal-Takasaki, A., Salgado-Varas, E.


Original Research Article,
Food Science


The use of different solutions in flower postharvest is based on substances of easy access for users and friendly to the environment. The main components of a postharvest solution correspond to sugars in an acid environment in such a way to reduce the proliferation of microorganisms that can alter the absorption and mobility of water. Using sugar-acid based solutions of fancy drinks can improve flower conditions in species with reduced postharvest life. In this experiment we tested solutions between 10 and 100% of the common soft drink Sprite®, because its favorable balance of sugar/acid. Results indicate that the control treatment onsets senescence on the 8th day after the start of experiment. In that moment treatments with more than 30% of Sprite (pH <3.6 and sugar higher than 4.9 g 100 mL-1) show the best shelf life condition.