Potencial estimado de biogás en XIV Región a base de residuos urbanos y agroindustriales

Vermehren, M., Erlwein, A.


Original Research Article,
Agriculture Engineering and
Energy Management


The lack of fossil fuels, high rates of growth in the national energy consumption, and environmental problems makes necessary to find new sources for clean and safe energy matrix.
This paper preliminarily estimated the potential of biogas production and its economic assessment in Los Rios Region, from urban and agro-biodegradable waste. For this, we quantified dairy waste, slaughterhouse sludge, water treatment sludge and household waste performing a compilation, standardization and processing available information. Then, using factors found in different databases, generate biogas, methane, electricity, heat and power load for the main plants of the region was estimated. Finding that the highest potential was in the dairy industry, using cheese whey. The slaughter industry had the lowest potential. The total potential for the region reached more than 25,500,000 m3 and would supply through cogeneration an electrical output of 9.0 MW. This energy could supply the electricity requirements of more than 170,000 people. Economic evaluation indicated feasibility for most of the projects evaluated. The economically feasible potential for the region reached 6.2 MWe.