Análisis económico del establecimiento de Humulus lupulus L.

Lerdon, J., Scheihing, G.


Original Research Article,
Agriculture Economics and
Rural Development


The increase in beer consumption has generated an increasing interest in the inputs that are needed to produce a quality product. One of the main inputs used in the production of beer is hop, which adds bitterness and aroma to the beer. Hop is not produced commercially in Chile, it is mainly imported from the United States, therefore this study aimed to assess the economic feasibility of establishing a hop (Humulus lupulus L.) crop in Valdivia, Los Ríos Region. The results of the economic study showed that the highest revenues start from the fourth year, yielding a Net Present Value of $33.934.687 and an Internal Rate of Return of 15%, allowing to recover the investment during the eighth year. These indicators suggest that the hop crop is profitable.