Sector pesquero-acuícola en México y Chile: estudio de caso comparativo para reflexionar respecto de su internalización

Alfaro, S.B., Quintero, M. L.


Original Research Article, Agrarian Economy


The aim of this paper is to compare the international economic importance of the fisheriesaquaculture sector in Mexico and Chile; highlighting the contributions in food production, foreign exchange earnings from exports and social role of the jobs created. This is because both Mexico and Chile have an adequate geographic location, sufficient water resources, quality workforce and experience earned by entrepreneurs, technicians and academics for decades, as well as accumulated fixed capital in fleet, ports, industries and marketing activities; which along with a neoliberal economic policy allow to have an exploitable and profitable aquaculture fisheries sector, with ample opportunities for economic growth. To achieve the stated objective the comparative method was applied, by explaining what parts make up the fishing-aquaculture performance of each sector in these countries, which elements influenced their behavior and problems; to finally join the heterogeneous elements of this phenomenon by the synthetic method in order to analyze the behavior of the observed object, and extract the most important elements to generate solid reflection on the subject.