Sucralose-mediated effect during post-harvest of summer squash (Cucurbita pepo L.) cv. Ambassador from organic cultivation, using both systems active and passive modified atmosphere

Loyola, N., Acuña, C., Arriola, M., Velásquez, A.


Original Research Article,
Food and Technology Science


The objectives of this study were to evaluate the behavior of the use of sucralose to 1% in postharvest fruits of summer squash (Cucurbita pepo L.), cv. Ambassador organically grown and stored under active and passive modified atmosphere (AMA and PMA), from two different pre-harvest conditions, with mulch and without mulch on the incidence in sensory evaluation of attributes. Each trial consisted of 3 treatments: T0 corresponding to the control, packaging under normal atmosphere, T1 packaged in AMA (20% of CO2 injection and 80% N) + sucralose 1% and T2 packaging for PMA + sucralose 1% without injection of gas, the fruits being evaluated in the measurement of gases at 12 and 25 days of refrigerated storage. As for the sensory analysis there was a negative effect of sucralose, being better evaluated treatment T0. Appearance results do not match those of acceptability, but still the treatment of active modified atmosphere (T1) was better than that evaluated with passive modified atmosphere (T2), indicating that the active modified atmosphere may help maintain the appearance of fruit and thus a better acceptability. Therefore, according to the results there was no positive effect of sucralose in the preservation of sensory attributes of summer squash.