Los nuevos desafíos de la revista Agro Sur

Dörner, J., Dec, D., Zúñiga, F., Fuentes, R., Lizana, C., Keim, J.P., Ah-Hen, K., Lerdon, J.




To project ourselves in time, we must acknowledge where we came from and make a critical and constructive analysis of our current
situation. In this context, since its creation in 1973 the journal Agro Sur has made a significant contribution to the development of agricultural knowledge in Chile and Latin America.
After objectively analizing the current scientific journals in general, and the situation of Agro Sur in particular, the Editorial Committee, with the support of the Faculty of Agricultural Sciences, have taken up the challenge to renew Agro Sur by giving it a new impetus to position and project it as a major journal within its scope. This renovation has involved a variety of measures, including: i) a critical analysis of its current situation, ii) a redefinition and broadening of the editorial line, iii) reviewing and speeding up peer review procedures and iv) improving the aesthetic of the journal and the access to it, among others. We hope these changes will serve to consolidate Agro Sur as the journal of choice for experienced professionals, young professionals and emerging scientists who contribute to the development of knowledge related to the agri-food chain.
We at Agro Sur have decided to continue to provide an important scientific and critical contribution for the development of the different areas associated with the agri-food chain, without neglecting the Efficient Use of Natural Resources, the Rural Development and Food Sovereignty. The renewed editorial line of Agro Sur allows for different types of contributions, including Original Research Articles, Case Studies, Technical Notes, Reviews and Viewpoints, which after being subjected to an efficient peer review process may be published as open access articles, with the hope that they will contribute to the knowledge and development of the agri-food chain in the Southern Cone.