Evaluación económica del establecimiento de un cultivo de Lavandula angustifolia en la comuna de Pucón, Región de la Araucanía, Chile.

Celedón, N., Lerdon, J.


Original Research Article,
Agriculture Economics
and Rural Development


Lavender, Lavandula angustifolia, is a highly profitable crop with market projection due the many properties contained in the essential oil extracted from its flowers. The components of the essential oil are linalool, geraniol and borneol, among others, and have an important effect on the central nervous system, helping people to relax which is helpful when living in an ever stressful society. An economic evaluation to establish a crop near the town of Pucón, Araucanía Region, Chile, was performed. The assessment of the economic profitability is based on the Guide of Preparation and Evaluation of Projects, by Lerdon, J. (2010).
The analysis of the results of NABV and IRR determined that this is a highly profitable project and a sensitivity analysis established that this profitability is primarily dependent on the price of a liter of essential oil and production per hectare.