Efecto de la aplicación de fungicida, sucralosa y modificación de atmósfera en atributos sensoriales de cerezas (Prunus cerasus) cv. Lapins, provenientes de un huerto orgánico

Loyola, N., Acuña, C., Arriola, M., Velásquez, A.


Original Research Article,
Food and Technology Science


The effect of using sucralose, fungicide and modified atmosphere on sensory attributes of cherries (Prunus cerasus L. cv. Lapins) was evaluated in this study. Plastic bags with 2.5 kg cherries were stored at 0°C under modified atmosphere (40% CO2 and 60% N2) for a period of 56 days. The experimental design consisted of three treatments: T0, storage only under modified atmosphere, T1, addition of a fungicide and storage under modified atmosphere and T2, addition of a fungicide with 1% sucralose and storage under modified atmosphere. The fruits were evaluated according to their physical, chemical and sensory conditions after 14, 32, 42 and 56 days of refrigerated storage.
The performed sensory evaluation showed no significant differences among treatments. However, sucralose-based treatment showed a slight positive influence on appearance and acceptability of the cherries. Parameters that determined the condition of cherries, such as pedicel dehydration, pedicel absence, bruises and decay, continued their development during the 56 days of storage, showing that the treatments were not effective to slow down fruit deterioration.