Estimación de la agregación de valor en la cadena de carne bovina en las regiones de Los Ríos y Los Lagos

Soto F., Lerdon, J.*, Faúndez, M.


Original Research Article,
Agrarian Economy


Economic participation in the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of the agricultural sector is measured based on primary production, without considering forward and backward linkages of the different subsectors that make up the final production of this sector.
Faúndez and Lerdon (2011) take an insight into this subject, providing the basis to develop the same study in the Regions of Los Ríos and Los Lagos with the aim of studying the value chain of beef, developing
different stages to finally reach the value added to the final price. Eight surveys were performed among medium and large producers of both regions and data regarding the cost and revenue of each producer
was collected, this information was the basis of the study. The addition of value to the of beef chain production was obtained and the main representatives for each stage were identified, then they were stratified into primary sector, processing sector and distribution and marketing sector. For each stage, the most relevant prices and coefficients of technical and economic transformation were identified. The main costs of beef cattle production are feeding (17.3% of the total cost) and replacement cost (62%), which depends on the purchase price per kilogram. Regarding the value added of the value chain, 42% of the final price is formed by the primary sector of the chain. Given their important role, further investigations are needed in this area.